Not Today

BTS “Not Today” Official MV BTS “Not Today” Official MV Lyrics All the underdogs in the worldA day may come when we loseBut it is not todayToday we fight! No not todaySome day, the flowers will witherBut no not todayBut today’s not the dayNo no not todayIt’s too early to dietoo good dayNo no not Continue Reading

Spring Day

BTS “Spring Day” Official MV Lyrics Miss you saying this makes miss you even moreMiss you even though I’m looking at your photoTime’s so cruel I hate usSeeing each other for once is now so hard between us It’s all winter here even in augustMy heart is running on the timeAlone on the snowpiercerWanna get Continue Reading

Save Me

BTS “Save Me” Lyrics I want to breathe, I hate this nightI want to wake up, I hate this dreamI’m trapped inside of myself and I’m deadDon’t wanna be lonelyJust wanna be yours Why is it so dark where you’re not hereIt’s dangerous how wrecked I amSave me because I can’t get a grip on Continue Reading


BTS “Run” Lyrics You’re my sun, one and only in this worldI bloom for you, but you make me thirstyIt’s too late, too lateI can’t live without youEven if ‘m drying out, I try harder to reach you But it’s no use, it’s a dream to be brokenI run and run, but I’m not getting Continue Reading

I Need U

BTS “I Need U” Official MV Fall Fall Fall, scattering apartFall Fall Fall, falling Because of you, I’m becoming ruinedI wanna stop, I don’t want you anymoreI can’t do it, this sucksPlease don’t give me any excuses You can’t do this to meAll of the things you said are like a maskIt hides the truth Continue Reading


BTS “Danger” Official MV You’re in dangerYou’re in dangerYou’re in dangerYou’re in danger You treat me like this everydayYou only care about yourself like you are just youI am just I, that’s your kind of formula. Does your phone work right? Really?Am I really your boy friend? I’m sick of this! Why are you holding Continue Reading


BTS “N.O.” Official MV [Hook: RM]A good house, a good car, will these things bring happiness?In Seoul to the SKY, would your parents be happy? [Verse 1: Jungkook]Dream is gone, no time to breatheSchool, house and PC room is all we haveWe live the same lifeAnd have to become number oneFor us it’s like a Continue Reading

We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2

BTS “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” Official MV [Hook: RM](What) Give it to me(What) Be nervous(What) The one to end it all(What) We are bulletproofWe are bulletproofBulletproof [Verse 1: Jungkook, Suga]The name is Jungkook, my scale is nationwideI pulled all-nighters at practice roomsInstead of school, dancing and singingWhile you guys partiedI gave up sleep for Continue Reading